Personalised programmes

I believe we are all different and there is no one size fits all approach. That’s why all my programmes start within an in-depth health and life-style assessment.

Health Optimisation Programme

Whether you have a specific health concern which has been diagnosed by your doctor, you have current symptoms or your GP has recommended to improve your diet this is the programme for you.


Tired of waking up tired? Lacking the energy to enjoy an evening with your kids at home? Feeling burnt out? This is the programme for you!


Do you find yourself reaching for a bar of chocolate at 2 pm? Wishing that the brain fog would just go away so you can focus on the presentation you need to finish? I am here to help!

The length of the programme depends on your individual circumstances but will last a minimum of 12 weeks. Prices are from

A typical programme involves the following:
Week 1: Initial consultation with in-depth health and lifestyle assessment, recommendation for any analysis and tests needed. I will confirm your goals and we will agree on your individual programme.
Week 2: Mini progress call and review for any troubleshooting
Week 4-6: Progress review – celebrate your success, make any adjustments needed to your recommended plan to ensure you are on track
Week 8: Progress review – consolidate your progress and identify areas which might need more focus. Consider any further tests which might be needed. Revised personalised plan and recommendations.
Week 10: Mini progress call for any troubleshooting with revised plan.
Week 12: Review success and plan for the future

Not sure or prefer a different approach?

I know that everyone’s needs are different and your particular case might not fall into one of the consultation options. Book a 20 min free health and wellbeing review or send me a message to discuss how I can help.

I was overweight and doing very little exercise. I decided to change my lifestyle in order to become healthier, loose weight and get off Metformin. Throughout this process Irina was continuously supportive and provided encouragement when I got demotivated because of lack of weight loss. I would highly recommend her to anybody.”

GS, 59 years old, male

Let’s start making small changes together.

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